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Choose a pest control company carefully - It is always advisable to get pest control done by companies approved by Dubai municipality and to refrain from conducting pest control without professional help or from unapproved companies. Hire professional pest control companies with experienced personnel.

Read the pesticide product label - When hiring a pest control service, make sure the chemicals are approved by the municipality.

Be aware of how soon you can return to the treated area - Check with the professional on when can re-enter the treated area. The time will vary by product and will be indicated on product labels.

Pest control companies in Dubai must be approved by the Public Health Pest Control Section of the Public Health Services Department.

Pest control companies in Abu Dhabi must be registered with the Centre for Waste Management and the Department of Economic Development, and the pest control companies in Sharjah must have registered with the municipality.

Pest control conducted by expert and licensed pest control experts will reduce or remove pests from your living area.
Pests can cause damage to your house, office and can also cause and spread dieses.
Most pests require expert treatments and hence we would not advising trying this yourself.
A professional expert pest controller will be able to study and implement the right pest control solution to the pest problem. An expert and licensed pest controller will save you time, hassles and will help you regain your peace of mind.
Pest Control services depend upon the type of treatment needed. There is also the availability of chemical free organic pest control services which we strongly urge you to try despite it becoming more expensive.
Pest Piper maintains the client satisfaction of the customers using the service. Based on the rating of users, Pest Piper keeps adding newer Pest Control companies and exits pest control companies with not so positive feedback.
  • Remove all food items
  • Leave the kids/pets in neighbor/friend’s house
  • Clear floor
  • Unplug all electrical equipment
  • Close all doors of wardrobes

How does Pest Piper work?

Pest Piper just passes on your query to a list of pre-selected, licensed pest control providers.

It is left between you and the pest control company to agree on the way forward. You can definitely get quotes from pest control companies.

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